Player Loader


The 'custom loader' feature provided by Ventuno, allows clients to deploy custom animated loaders (player/media loading screens) on pages where a Ventuno video player is embedded. To deploy custom loaders, clients should provide all necessary creative assets (To Ventuno atleast 3 days before deployment). Once deployed, the custom loader will replace the default loader shown in Ventuno video players for the required duration. The custom loader will be shown only during content playback and will not be shown anywhere during ad playback.



The custom loader will be shown in the following places

  • During Pre-load When the video player is making requests and downloading assets before starting playback.
  • When the video (content only) stalls as a result of buffering.

Targeting capability based on:

  • Publishers (Disable for certain publishers)



  • Assets - All creative assets (including PSD) should be provided by the client
  • Video Player Size - 4:3, 16:9 ratio

Performance metrics:

  •  Loader Impression


  •  Estimated time to go live will be 3 days *The estimated time to adapt the creative provided by the client will vary depending on the complexity and execution of the creative*
  •  We will not provide any click through's or click trackers as it will violate the standards set by IAB
  •  Assets - Clients should provide creative assets as psd (photoshop), ai (adobe illustrator) or other similar formats. They should also provide an animated gif or a video depicting how the loader will look like.