Preroll - Companion Banner

Banner ad that is displayed alongside an instream video ad for maximum engagement


  • A companion banner is a jpeg file which will be shown alongside a video player playing the ad

  • When the user clicks on the video ad/ companion banner ad, the user is redirected to the advertiser's landing page


Targeting capability based on:

  • Frequency capping

  • Category – News, Entertainment, etc.

  • Device – Desktop, Mobile

  • Geo – National, international

  • Keywords - Modi, Sachin, Demonetization, etc.

  • Demographics - Age, Gender(Male, Female)

  • Day Parting 



  • Media Format - JPEG, PNG, GIF


Performance metrics:

  • Viewability, Unique reach, Mute rate, Completion rate


Note: Estimated time to go live will be 1 week

*The estimated time to adapt the creative provided by the client will vary depending on the complexity and execution of the creative