In-article Video Ad

In feed video advertisement, which tears open the page and starts playing on view port. Highly engaging and non-intrusive ad mode which ensures maximum viewability.


∙The ad plays on view port.

∙ Moves along with the user during page scrolls.

∙ When the user clicks on the video, the user is redirected to the advertiser's landing page.

∙Close, pause and volume control options available for the user.

∙On completion of the ad, replay and know more buttons are available.


Targeting capability based on:

  • Frequency capping

  • Category – News, Entertainment, etc.

  • Device – Desktop, Mobile

  • Geo – National, International

  • Demographics - Age, Gender(Male, Female)

  • Day Parting 



  • Video ad Format – Asset (Mp4), VAST (MP4), VPAID


Performance metrics:

  • CTR, Viewability, Completion rate, Unique reach